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          Organized and hosted by Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand and IODA -   The International Organization Development Association - our third (virtual) OD World Summit - after Budapest in 2010 and Portland in 2015 - will focus on the turbulent future we’re all confronting as a global professional OD community.


Our ODWS 2021 theme?



Why “Breakpoints”?

          Breakpoints are sudden, unexpected disruptions where old ways abruptly fracture, and new ways must be quickly and creatively invented to meet complex challenges and move us forward.  

           Breakpoints occur when familiar human needs, situations, solutions, expectations, and choices all collide and rupture simultaneously.  This collision can paralyze and confuse us, but it can also awaken and enlighten our intentions, unleash our creative energies, and ignite a renewed awareness of our global community and a stronger commitment to the future we will all share.  

          So, as experts in learning and change and in the dynamics of human systems and processes, breakpoints invite us to work at every level - individual, group, team, organization, societal, and planetary - to recognize, access, and engage human possibility.  And they require us to work collectively to innovate, re-create, and co-create our capacities for living and thriving together, across the globe

          As global OD practitioners, new rules are required to guide us toward success, creative growth, and sustainable change.  It’s clear that we must now recalibrate the meaning of both human and digital transformation, control the application of digitalization and artificial intelligence, and direct us toward approaches to change complex, connected, global ecosystems.

          We’ll look at Breakpoints and Beyond through three, related lenses:

Day 1:  PEOPLE

                                              We’ll begin by thinking about people, because we know that each of us will feel the impact of disruptive, confusing change in our personal and professional lives.  As breakpoints ripple across generations, cultures, geographies, and histories, how can we remain collectively resilient, courageous, and compassionate?  Sharing personal stories, we’ll consider how our own experience influences our beliefs and assumptions ( Paradigms ); the way we interpret and react to our different life challenges ( Perspectives ); and how we create and share personal meaning and value as we move through our lives ( Purpose ).




       Day 2:  POSITIVITY

         Next, we’ll explore how we can step authentically and creatively into the unknown with optimism, remaining determined to find sources of inspiration to illuminate the shadows of uncertainty and doubt.  How might we acknowledge and accept this duality embedded in our global practice?  We’ll have the chance to use our experience as OD practitioners to create balance with our minds ( Positive Thinking ); our designs creating constructive dialogue and emerging action ( Positive Action ); and our steadfast commitment to sustainable change ( Positive Outcomes ).




         Day 3:  POSSIBILITY

           Finally, we’ll step courageously into the future, through conversations about our own vital, highly relevant, and indispensable work.  In order to step through the breakpoints ahead of us, we must take new risks and joint action.  As a global community of committed OD practitioners, we’re uniquely capable of finding ways and methods to adapt and rise professionally ( Process ); to develop new, creative approaches to learning and change ( Practice ); and to elevate our competencies, capabilities and overall impact ( Performance ).

          And will we succeed together?  We will, because we must, and because we can. But to meet all these challenges we’re now facing, as OD practitioners we’ll need to use our differences, share our knowledge and resources, and work together in conscious, creative, and united ways.  The purpose of the Third OD World Summit is to engage the Global OD Community in a constructive conversation that will bring this vision closer to all of us - for all of us.



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