MA Haigang

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MA Haigang

MA Haigang

-- General Manager of Human Resources Platfom of Tencent

-- General Manager of HRTechnical Center of Tencent

-- Vice President of Guangdong Human Resources Reaseach Society

-- Vice President of Guangdong Talent Development and Management Research Society

-- Chairman of Shenzhen Human Resources Manager Committee,

-- Vice President of Intelligence Branch of China’s Human Resources Development Research Society.

He began to work for Tencent in 2008. Before he joined Tencent, he had worked as Management Reprentative, Assistant Minister of Personnel Division for Middle, East and North Africa in Huawei for 6 years, and then he was employed as Human Resources Manger of COSHIP, Shenzhen for 3 years. As a designer for technical solutions in HR field and an HR expert in technical field, he publishe sevral books like HR+ 3 Pillars, On Talent Service, Human Resouces Management, etc. He also published papers, such as New HR Ecosystem in the Era of Mobile Internet, The Evoluation from Information-based Human Resources Management to Big Data-based Human Resources Management.




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